Symphony Road EP

DFNSE is a music producer from Paris. He defines his own style of electronic music by combining various styles such as house, funk, hip-hop, and pop.

His project “Symphony Road”, a five tracks EP has been created on California roads where the atmosphere, the landscapes and the general vibe gave rise to a sunny, danceable and groovy cocktail. The goal for us was to create a global branding that reflects DFNSE’s multiple inspirations.

Capturing 70’s California unique warmth and mood requires a delicate interplay of branding, photography/video, and styling. These three elements seamlessly intertwine to evoke a sense of nostalgia and vibrancy reminiscent of the golden era.

A color palette inspired by the hues of desert and the vibrant energy of Venice Beach. Aesthetics of vintage film with its subtle grain, warm undertones, and soft vignettes, takes the audience on a journey through time. Finally, DFNSE’s styling immerses him in the 70s aesthetic. Wide pants, Varsity jacket, old school sunglasses and a vintage car, all come together in a symphony of vintage flair. These textures seamlessly merge with the branding colors, enhancing the authenticity of the journey to California's past.

2020-2022Art Direction

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