Chess, but better

Immortal game aims to elevate the gaming experience for online chess players around the world, who currently play over 20 million games daily, by leveraging web3 and next-generation digital assets.

ARCHI and Immortal Game teamed up for an iterative design and development process aimed at delivering new play modes, a mobile application, and a game analysis mode.

Through this close collaboration, we also provided a design system that is cohesive and sustainable. This empowers Immortal Game to build rapidly, both today and in the future, with consistency and attain scalability.

2022-2023Product Design, Design

Immortal Game Mobile app

The Immortal Game mobile application is a central hub where players can immerse themselves in the world of chess. Players can enjoy multiple game modes such as Classic chess, Immortal chess, Puzzles while also improving their skills with a dedicated game analysis mode. We also included social and multiplayer features for player interaction and retention.

Game analysis

This feature empowers players to meticulously analyze their games, move by move, and receive insights into their gameplay, such as suggested moves and strategies. This helps players enhance their skills and learn from their mistakes.

We divided the analysis into two different parts: Review and Live.

The Review analysis presents a graph indicating which player held the advantage at different stages of the game. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive list of all the game's moves, with significant moves highlighted. Our objective was to provide players with a robust tool to enhance their abilities and gain insight into their chessboard position throughout the entire game.

The Live analysis is a real-time analysis, where a computer engine evaluates the positions and suggests moves as the game progresses. This serves as a dynamic learning tool, helping players identify areas for improvement and make informed moves.


Puzzles are a great way to improve players' ratings through practice and pattern recognition. We designed this game mode with a dynamic, visually captivating, and user-friendly interface to drive chess enthusiasts on a journey of skill refinement.


This section serves as a hub for chess enthusiasts to discover, register for, and stay updated on upcoming tournaments of various formats and skill levels. The goal was to design an intuitive interface that simplifies the registration process, provides essential tournament information, and fosters a sense of community and competition among Immortal Game users.


The objective was to craft a smooth onboarding process that effectively acquaints users with the realm of web3 gaming, all while taking into account the intricacies of blockchain technology. This involves the development of a user-friendly sign-up journey that navigates users through the registration process, incorporating the automatic configuration of app-managed wallets for newcomers. Hence, we offer users the choice to either "register with MetaMask" or via email, thereby generating a default wallet seamlessly in the background.

Design system

In close collaboration with the Immortal Game team, we created a cohesive visual identity, defining consistent UI elements, typography, color schemes, and interactive components across the platform.

The design system will not only ensure a harmonious and visually appealing interface but also streamline the development process, making it easier to maintain and scale the product.

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