The future of sports predictions

Pooky is a unique football results prediction game built on the Polygon blockchain. Using digital collectible Pookyballs to enhance gameplay, fans of the game are rewarded for their passion, strategy and prediction skills.

The primary objective of the game is to find the exact score of football matches from the major football leagues and tournaments, including the FIFA World Cup, English Premier League, Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga. Players use Pookyballs to make predictions, win experience points and battle for top position on the leaderboards. As they progress through the ranks, players can level up, breed and increase the value of their Pookyballs to earn further rewards.

ARCHI Studios partnered with Pooky to create their first version of the game. The mission was to conceive, design, and deliver a comprehensive gaming solution in time for the FIFA World Cup.

2022Product Design, Design


The onboarding process needed to be quick and smooth, ensuring users can easily jump into the game. We simplified the wallet creation mechanics and removed web3 aspects during the onboarding to prevent user intimidation.

Gaming experience

The first goal was to list available matches across all leagues for each matchday, accompanied by leaderboards, and information about potential rewards.

The most complex screen was definitely the prediction screen, which is the cornerstone of this gameplay. More than just defining a score, we also needed to display all Pooky’s complex data, including prediction odds, additional boosts (current season, tournament bonus) and the possibility to select the right Pookyball to play with.


This section consolidates all users' digital collectibles, and as they make predictions on matches, they accumulate points to enhance their Pookyball's level. However, this activity also decreases their ball's pressure. Managing these two attributes becomes crucial for users and needed to be easily accessible.


The Pooky Marketplace was a pivotal element of the game's success, providing players with a go-to destination to acquire unique Pookyballs, each with its own special attributes and potential. Our approach to streamlining the user experience was deeply rooted in simplifying the intricacies of Web3 transactions. We aimed to make the process smooth and accessible for users, ultimately fostering a sense of trust and confidence in their interactions within the Pooky environment. This emphasis on user-centric design played a major role in the broader adoption of Pooky by football fans as well as blockchain enthusiasts.

Final note

This collaboration was a success as Pooky achieved a major milestone with over 500,000 predictions made in just over three months since launching the game’s beta version.

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