Experience fantasy sports like never before.

Sorare is a fantasy sports gaming experience and marketplace featuring officially licensed digital player cards. With Sorare you build legacy teams buying, selling, collecting and trading player cards and compete with them in free-to-play fantasy games to win rewards week over week and season over season, just like a professional sports owner.

Sorare is revolutionising digital sports fandom, and now has over 3 million users across 180 countries. More than 300 iconic teams, clubs, and organisations including the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, MLS, NBA, NBPA, MLB, MLBPA, and many others have partnered with Sorare to build the next sports entertainment giant.

We joined forces with Sorare to collaborate with their design team on a range of projects, spanning from a complate revamp of the Marketplace to smaller tasks like creating a player performance section.

2022-2023Product Designwww.sorare.com

Marketplace revamp

The Sorare Marketplace posed several challenges. Firstly, the abundance of filters created confusion, particularly for newcomers, while the naming and sorting of these filters were unclear. We resolved this by prioritizing the most essential filters for new users and concealing advanced options behind a dropdown. Additionally, we enhanced the UI to improve filter accessibility and streamline the user experience.

Secondly, the marketplace was inundated with football cards, making efficient browsing a challenge. To address this, we introduced card stacks, organizing listings by player. This innovation not only simplified navigation but also improved scouting capabilities.

Lastly, new users struggled to find their way around the marketplace's various entry points: New card auctions, Manager sales, and Starter Packs. We tackled this issue by redesigning the marketplace homepage with clear and guided entry points. To further aid users, we incorporated onboarding modals specific to each section, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive user journey.

Player stats and performance

Learning about a player's performance in Sorare is essential to gain a comprehensive and visually intuitive understanding of a player's performance over time. It allows them to track trends, assess consistency, and make data-informed decisions when selecting players for their fantasy teams, trading, or simply following their favorite athletes throughout a season.

Our objective was to conceive a visually compelling and informative section by meticulously considering data presentation, user interaction, and mobile optimization. We also had to come up with a clear and consistent snapshot of a player performance across all sports — Football, NBA, MLB to ensure a familiar experience, making it easier for users to navigate and compare data efficiently.

Starter Packs

Starter Packs provide an accessible entry point into the platform, allowing new players to quickly acquire a diverse set of player cards to begin their fantasy football journey. These packs help users build a competitive team from the start, enhancing their engagement and enjoyment of the Sorare experience.

The design had to play its educative role of showing what a playable team looks like. This is why we used a football field background with the team formation to create a sense of realism and immersion for players. It establishes a visual link between the team composition process and the readiness to play.


The marketplace lacked a social atmosphere and didn't provide a sense of belonging. It felt too quiet and didn’t drive confidence. As a result, there was reduced engagement and a significant missed opportunity to leverage social interactions as an entry point to the market.

To solve this challenge, we created a dedicated notifications panel to create social proof that there were some people engaging in the marketplace activity. We created tabs to display user personal notifications, user’s friends activity and Sorare news.

We organized these notifications into digests and filtered out less significant events to prevent spam. Additionally, we enhanced the social aspect by incorporating profile pictures, previews, and direct links to card pages.

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